application process

Application Advice

It’s your time to shine! Here are some pearls of wisdom you may want to consider when applying:


  • Take the time to research who we are as a business, our core values and behaviours (hint…they’re called Winning Traits and Behaviours! Click here) and the programme you’ve applied for.
  • Have a think about your academic and extracurricular experiences, and reflect on your values and behaviours. This will come handy during your interview!
  • Know your CV inside out – we’ll base some of our questions around your CV’s content. For every strength and achievement, make sure you have some evidence to support your case.
  • We want to meet the real you. Relax (we don’t bite, promise!), stay positive and build a rapport with us.
  • Look the part: posture, eye contact and dress code are all important!
  • Do you have any questions? Prepare them in advance and ask away! It shows us you’re keen and inquisitive.