parents guidance / support

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship allows your son or daughter to earn while they learn, and gain a recognised qualification. Apprenticeships typically take between one and five years to complete, and are available across a wide spectrum of industries.

How often will they be at college?

Apprenticeships must incorporate 20% of a learners’ contracted hours in learning. This might be through release at work, day release at college or block release (e.g. two week blocks at university, 6 week blocks for engineers).


Will they get paid?

We offer a highly competitive starting salary with excellence progression through the apprenticeship.

What happens once they complete their scheme?

On completion of the scheme they will be awarded with a recognised qualification allowing them to progress with their chosen career path. At pladis we also welcome the desire to explore other areas of the business, whether this be a new department or site.

What hours will they work?

When on site hours will depend on the shift pattern they are assigned to, allowing them to gain the best experience to develop their practical skills.

Are they classed as a student?

At pladis they will be classed and treated as a full time employee.