SSA / Europe operations


We’re proud of the the entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and iconic brands that we have in Europe, delivering high quality biscuits and confectionery and spreading pladis happiness across the continent. The extensive number of countries that make up our region is a genuine strength. We celebrate our individual and cultural differences and use them to our advantage, yet act as one team in our mission to provide genuine happiness with every bite.


The popular Verkade brand consists of a large assortment of Dutch classics for the whole family including San Francisco, Café Noir, Knappertjes, Nizza and Maria biscuits.

In recent years the launch of pladis products such as Digestive, Tarwebiscuits (Digestive Chocolate) and Digestive Crunchy (HobNobs) has successfully contributed to the growth a brand that’s been going for more than 130 years.

pladis Netherlands’ most popular brand is Sultana. It’s become the iconic brand for healthy snacking between meals , in line with pladis health and wellness goals.

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Nantes Biscuits (BN) is a well known heritage brand in France and has been part of the family group since 1998. With its characteristic brand smile, BN has become very popular among kids and its smiles are a perfect symbol of the pladis happiness.

The BN family includes sandwich cookies, the famous “Choco BN”, and also the “Minis BN”. The brand has a very strong reputation in France, where over one billion smiles are sold every year.

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Italy is an important market in our Europe region and we have a great team here, as well as an impressive product portfolio and a strong, sophisticated distributor set-up.


We have a new strong, large-scale distributor set-up in Germany and are building our team here to achieve our ambitious goals for the country. Germany is a fantastic market to work with. Our goals here include building a product portfolio for the ethical market.


We have a new strong, large-scale distributor set-up in Poland and are aiming to grow our business in this country.

Spain & Portugal

Our set-up in Spain, based in Barcelona, has been stepped up significantly as this is a key market within Europe.


Romania is key to our business model with tremendous potential and an ambitious growth strategy. We have a sizeable factory based here, producing sweet and filled biscuits and crackers. We have both factory & commercial teams located here.


Russia is a member of the pladis family and has fantastic untapped potential that we we’re working to unlock.


We have great plans for the Nordic countries, with a full team set up in Sweden and partnerships across each of the countries within pladis Europe.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Our vision in Africa is to be the number one snacking business, reaching more than 500 million consumers, and we’ve taken huge strides towards achieving this and spreading the pladis happiness across the continent.


As part of our growth strategy in Africa, we have invested in a local manufacturing company, A&P Foods, based in Lagos, Nigeria. It produces a range of affordable products under the Haansbro brand, with three modernised factories on two sites in Lagos, producing sweet and savoury biscuits and confectionery products. It has around 850 employees and the plant has an established distribution network across Nigeria.


We have great ambitions for our growth and profitability in Kenya and are building our capability, people and portfolio here.


We have a small team in Ghana, working with a distributor set-up to build our presence in this country.

Ivory Coast

We want to spread the pladis happiness in Ivory Coast and are working hard on our routes to market to make sure as many people as possible can reach our products and afford to buy them.

Saudi Arabia

In 2013 pladis acquired Rana Confectionary in Riyadh and AQM, (UB’s distributor in Saudi Arabia), forming the International Business Company (IBC).

IBC employs around 200 people and provides a local manufacturing hub for pladis, serving the Middle East and North African markets. We produce a range of products under the Rana brand, along with a new range of high quality, affordable products under the McVitie’s brand including digestive bars.

South Africa

pladis has a new set-up in South Africa, with a small but dedicated team. We have exciting plans to increase our presence here.

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