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The authentic Verkade brand consists of a large assortment of Dutch classics for the whole family including San Francisco, Café Noir, Knappertjes, Nizza and Maria biscuits.

In recent years the launch of pladis products such as Digestive, Tarwebiscuits (Digestive Chocolate) and Digestive Crunchy (HobNob’s) have successfully contributed to the growth of the over 130 year old brand.

The Starbrand of pladis Netherlands is the Sultana brand. Sultana has become the icon brand for the healthy I.B.M. (in-between-meals) segment, addressing the snacking needs of the contemporary consumer.

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Nantes Biscuits (BN) is a well known heritage brand in France and has been part of the family group since 1998.

With it’s characteristic brand smile, BN has become a very powerful brand for kids.

The BN family includes sandwich cookies, the famous “Choco BN”, and also the “Minis BN”. The brand has a very strong reputation in France, where over one billion smiles are sold every year.

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Italy is a key market for our Europe region and we have a team set up here to deliver targets. We have an impressive product portfolio and a strong, sophisticated distributor set up.


We have a new strong, large-scale distributor set up in Germany and are building our team in this country in order to deliver the ambitious goals that have been set. Germany is a fantastic market to work with and includes building a product portfolio for the Ethic Market.


We have a new strong, large-scale distributor set up in Poland and have the ambition to grow the business in this country.

Spain & Portugal

Our set up in Spain has been stepped up significantly as this is a key market within Europe, based out of Barcelona.


Romania is key to our business model with tremendous potential and an ambitious growth strategy. We have a sizeable factory based here, producing sweet and filled biscuits, and crackers. We have both factory & commercial teams located here.


Russia is a part of the pladis Europe region and is untapped potential that we will be working to unlock.


The Nordics has an impressive growth agenda, with a full team set up in Sweden and partnerships across each of the countries within the pladis Europe scope.

Sub-Saharan Africa


As part of our growth strategy in Africa, we invested in a local manufacturing company A&P Foods, based in Lagos, Nigeria. A&P Foods produces a range of affordable products under the Haansbro brand with three modernised factories on two sites in Lagos, producing sweet and savoury biscuits, and confectionery products. There are circa 850 employees and established distribution across Nigeria through retail and wholesale channels.


To achieve the Africa vision ‘to be the no 1 snacking business reaching over 500M consumers’, we are building our capability, people, and portfolio to serve our customers. We strive to achieve growth and profitability in Kenya.


We have a very small team set up in Ghana and lead through a distributor set up in order to build presence in this country.

Ivory Coast

pladis vision for Routes to Market in Ivory Coast is to drive availability to where consumer can reach our brands at a price they can afford.

Saudi Arabia

In 2013 following the joint acquisition of Rana Confectionary in Riyadh with AQM (AQM is UB’s distributor in Saudi Arabia), the International Business Company (IBC) was created.

IBC employs circa 200 people and provides a local manufacturing hub for pladis, serving the Middle East and North African markets.  We produce a range of products under the Rana brand, along with a new range of quality affordable products under the McVities brand including digestive bars.


South Africa

pladis has a new set up in South Africa, with a small team based in country. This is an exciting time for the business to increase its presence here.